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Alliance For LIFE  - Virtual Kinship Support Group 

Support, Education, and Encouragement


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Upcoming Virtual Classes 

What is Kinship Care? 

Placement in a relative or kinship home allows the child to maintain family connections and traditions. Placement with a relative or kin also provides the child with familiarity and routines that are important to the child’s overall well-being. -- DCS

Virtual Session- 10.11.23
6 PM -7:30 PM

Virtual Session-- 10.15.23
5:30 PM -7 PM

Virtual Session-- 10.16.23
5:30 PM -7 PM

Virtual Session-- 10.18.23
6 PM -7:30 PM

Virtual Session-- 10.22.23
1 PM -2:30 PM

Virtual Session-- 10.26.23
6 PM - 7:30 PM

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